Take Action  on Maternal Mortality

The Hearing Has Been Postponed

This Friday, September 14th, there will be a public hearing in the House Energy and Commerce Committee to address the need for better data, better outcomes, and to reduce maternal mortality. March for Moms has submitted a written testimony (link) for the hearing – learn more at this link.

Agenda, Written Testimonies, and Livestream Link

What is Maternal Mortality?

Maternal mortality describes the amount of death of women who die during pregnancy, childbirth or within the first year of giving birth, due to pregnancy and birth related causes.

What is the State of Maternal Mortality in the U.S.?

United States has the worst maternal mortality rate of all developed nations, and has seen an increase in mothers dying in pregnancy, childbirth, and within one year of giving birth. The rising maternal mortality ratio continues to generate alarm and confusion. This national trend in maternal mortality is not an emerging issue: since 1986, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has administered the Pregnancy Mortality Surveillance System, which has documented a rise in the national pregnancy-related mortality ratio for the past three decades.

Our Petition

Are you ready to ADD YOUR VOICE to the cause? We are encouraging EACH and EVERY ONE OF YOU to contact your Senator and Representative – just CLICK THE BUTTON below and fill out a little information to send our pre-written letter (or customize it yourself) to your Congresspeople!

Why Are Mothers Dying?

There are many factors playing a role in maternal deaths: poor access to healthcare, discrimination, lack of information about family planning options, and healthcare provider shortage, among others. Due to these barriers, the U.S. has the highest maternal mortality out of every industrialized country.

Maternal death for American Indian/Alaskan Native and non-Hispanic Black women is 3 to 4 times more likely to happen compared to White women.

Over 50% of maternal deaths are considered preventable.

What Are States Doing?

Some states are recognizing this problem and are taking steps to determine causes of maternal deaths by reviewing deaths or poor outcomes. Maternal mortality review (MMR) is a standard and comprehensive system primarily operating at the state level. MMR committees (MMRCs) identify, review, and analyze maternal deaths; disseminate findings; and act on the results.

Not every state has a maternal mortality review committee, but all should. If we do not know why mothers are dying we cannot implement change.

What can I do?

  • 1. Use this toolkit and information available on March for Moms website to familiarize yourself with statistics.
  • 2. See if your state has a mortality review committee.
  • 3. Find your local legislator here: https://www.usa.gov/elected-officials
  • 4. Contact their office via email or phone to schedule an appointment with the Representative or Senator. If they are unavailable ask to speak with the legislative aid for health.
  • 5. Bring attention to the issue of maternal mortality during your visit. Ask for funding to establish or continue a review committee.
  • 6. Share a personal story! Whether you are a mom/family that struggled with pregnancy or postpartum period or someone who is passionate about the issue, it does not matter! Legislators and their aides love to get to know YOU! They are elected to serve your community.


The profound story of Charles Johnson and his family exemplify the tragic conditions of giving birth in America.

Charles Johnson along with many other individuals and over 40 organizations joined with March for Moms, and are on a mission. WE are now asking for you to help with a  CALL TO ACTION, to engage with YOUR US Representatives and request co-sponsorship to establish Maternal Mortality Review Committees in EVERY state.

Women deserve better, and we need YOUR help to get attention from Congress. Fight the fight with us! Change is coming! Respectfully demand your Representatives support HR. 1318 and S. 1112.

We are providing an easy platform to send a pre-written letter that can also be personalized. You will also find links to their Congressional emails.

Thank You.

The Bills

H.R. 1318

Preventing Maternal Deaths Act of 2017
Rep. J. Herrera Beutler [R-WA-3]


Maternal Health Accountability Act of 2017
Sen. H. Heitkamp [D-ND]

These bills provide states with funds for the purpose of establishing formal Maternal Mortality Review Committees. By submitting annual reports to the CDC identifying and reviewing all pregnancy-related and pregnancy-associated deaths in the United States, these committees aim to eliminate disparities in maternal health outcomes.

Bills Status

H.R. 1318

Referred to Energy and Commerce in House

⇛       Introduced       ⇚
Passed House

Passed Senate
To President
Became Law


Referred to the Committee on Health, Education, Labor and Pensions.

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